According to Hindu Dharma, Badrinath became outstanding once Nar-Narayan, an associate avatar of Vishnu, did Tapasya there. At that time, that place was full of berry trees. In Sanskrit language berries are referred to as “Badri”, thus the place was named Badrika-Van, i.e. The forest of berries. The particular spot where the Nar-Narayan did Tapasya, an oversized berry tree formed covering Him to avoid wasting Him from the rain and conjointly the sun. Native people believe that goddess Lakshmi became the berry tree to avoid wasting Lord Narayan. Post-Tapasya, Narayan same, people will frequently take Her Name before His Name, thence Hindus frequently refer “Lakshmi-Narayan “. It had been therefore referred to as Badri-Nath i.e. The Lord of Berry forest. This all happened among the Sathya/Sath-Yuga. Thus Badrinath came to be stated because of the primary Dham of Chota Chardham yatra tour package. So, you want to visit this yatra once in your time period for achieving moksha. We offer Chardham yatra tour packages insensible discount conjointly the facilities that you would like throughout Chardham yatra.

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